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Freya Bennet by ChAr10tT3 Freya Bennet by ChAr10tT3
This is an application to join the hogwarts academy club.
Note from artist:

O she is NOT a sterotypical fake 'essex girl'. Anyone who are not famaliar with the connotations of a essex girl look it up on wiki.

O Frizz the cat is actually based on a real cat, my cat called lucy, and it is hilarious writing about her quirks XD

Name: Freya Bennet, but her full name is Freya Matilda Lucinda Bennet
Age: 17
DOB: April 13th
Gender: Female
Nationality: English
House: Gryffindor
Year: 7th year
Physical description:
Height: 5”7
Weight: 8 stone
Hair Colour: Reddish brown like a conker
Skin: pale
Birth marks: None
Tattoos: None (her mum would have a fit of rage if she did)

Likes: she loves quoting films (to the confusion of her pure blood friends), traveling by flu powder and flying on her broom, playing wizards chess though admitted she sucks at it, McDonalds veggie burgers, occasionally roaming the corridors at night especially when her persistent insomnia makes it difficult for her to get to sleep at the right time.

Dislikes: not getting any sleep, eating lentils, unadventurous people who refuse to try new things, cleaning, Potions and divination.

O she wants to be a ghost when she dies.
O she still believes a monster lives in the vacuum cupboard at home, hey if magic is real the monster could be.
O she has a bad sense of direction

Her child hood fear was furbies (who thought a furry robot bird with creepy eyes was a good toy). Now she isn't keen on dementors, the monster in the vacuum cupboard at home, her mothers embarassing packages.

O she is outgoing, bubbly and very confident about everything she has a go at, this girl makes the most of her Hogwarts experience.

O Her insomnia sleeping patterns will somtimes dictate her mood. Her sleep deprivation was so back a year 5 hufflepuff called her a ‘grouchy old man’ when they ran in to her in the corridor, she shouted at him a furious grumble of uninterpretable nonsense. Her friends like to call this second face of Freya 'Frank', Frank will bite your head off! Thankfully the magic of coffee will 7/10 keep her going (and keep Frank at bay) but when the sleep deprivation is at its ultimate worse, she is flat out on a desk with a inked quill stuck to her face. The classes she doesn’t mind sleeping in are the history of magic and divination.

O She is light hearted most of the time and lives for the hilarious moments. she loves a guy with a good sense of humour.

O She is a nosy person, of course this can be seen as a bad thing, but if your upset she is only being nosy because she cares and wants to make it better.

O Her downfall is she is not afraid to throw herself in the deep end, because her ethic is
‘In the wizarding world you don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve done it.’ she learnt this when she nearly refused to grab a dirty deodrant can with some experienced wizard folk in her 2nd year, but in actual fact it was a thrilling ride on a port key.

Family history
she lives in a small town called Manningtree in the countryside of Essex, England. She is an only child of Colin and Julia Bennet. Her Dad is advertising and marketing rep and her Mum has a home business of reupholstering antique sofas and chairs.
Though she has her parents for company at home she has many young cousins, aunties and uncles living on near by streets or surrounding villiages like Lawford or Mistley; meaning the mayhem is never too far away.
She is the only witch in the family, So she couldn't be told about the life she was stepping in to. This made her start in to this wizarding world ever more so daunting but more exciting and surprising than she could have ever imagined. She has had sleeping difficulty for many years and she often wonders about in the middle of the night, even at Hogwarts (which of course has its repercussions). Her mother is a worrier who hates surprises; she is always worried for freya's welfare away from home, her own waist line, aging, keeping the family afloat with finance (she is frugal, she has a wallet full of coupons) and keeping up appearances with her three sister's familys. Her father is her mother’s kryptonite who always seems to somehow calm her, Freya jokes its medication.

Family in a nutshell
Mum: Julia Bennet (maiden name: Fordham)
3 sisters, 7 cousins on the Fordham side.
Dad: Colin Bennet
4 brothers and one sister, 9 cousins on the Bennet side

Hogwarts history
Gryffindor has shaped the person she is today.
In her first year she was nothing like the girl today. She wasn’t too sure about going to Hogwarts as her mother’s anxieties about near enough everything had rubbed off on her 11 year old self. she was sure she was going to be a Hufflepuff based on the reasons she couldn’t be a Slytherin because she wasn’t pureblood or even a half, she didn’t have the drive for intellect to be a Ravenclaw and Gryffindor wouldn’t except someone with so many insecurities; however her cowering appearance didn’t convince the hat and she was put in Gryffindor. As time went on in her first year she started to warm up to fellow house mates and finally set free her reckless lion spirit.
Her mother sent her many parcels over the whole of the year and after the first week she learnt to never open her parcels at the breakfast table as her mum thought it was a good idea to pack fresh underwear.

In year 2 she started to find her talents in Defence against the dark arts, charms and Herbology. She hates transfiguration because she couldn’t change her bloody cat in to a cup, it would always transform in to a furry one. In potions it was much worse her potions would always come out vulgar unexpected colors or explode on the rare occasion.

Year 3: she started her new selection of classes, she chose divination because she believed that it was a real type of magic, but later found out it was just as dodgy as ones you find at fun fairs. she also took care of magical creatures she loves hippogriths but her first try at petting one wasn't terribly successful as she came on a bit too confident, but all the same she still likes the subject but she isn't as passionate about it as DADA, Charms and Herbology.

Year 4: she did her owls and got the grades she was expecting e.g. a loathly potions mark and she got her best grades in her favourite subjects like herbology, charms and DADA, in divination she passed just about.

Year 5: she pissed off a few year 7 Slytherin girls after apparently (looking at them funny) when in actual fact she had woken up from a divination class and was fronting a disgruntled sleepy face. But her wit and confident persona made sure she held her own, she doesn't take no crap from anyone.

Year 6: She started to take a bigger interest in boys unfortunatly she lost sight of her school work, and her marks for charms partically got worse. Thankfully the boys she was interested in were last years 7th years so no-more distractions this year.
Throughout her academics she has not been the greatest witch but she doesn’t mind seeing as academics do not define the whole person, so her plan is to shape herself as she goes.
For now she would love to become an apprentice at Ollivanders wand shop or if she could get the funding have her own wand shop .

Wand: Black oak with a Chimaera Scale core 10 inches
Pet: An old, obese, grey female cat called Frizz. She is an ancient cat with no teeth meaning she has to eat mashed up food and literally drools all the time. Her weakness for head scratches makes her dribble triple the amount. She is a right little madam, who won’t do anything she doesn’t want to, for example Frizz loves sleeping on Freya's pillow so often Frizz will not give it up with it up with out a fight and when frizz wants a head rub she gets a head rub, otherwise she will pull threads in your favourite shirt.
Freya wouldn’t want her any other way.
Broom: a old Firebolt
Patronus: A Great Dane (and was the inspiration for her animagus form.)
She is waiting for the term to start so she can become a animagus with help from the as of yet, un-none transfiguration teacher.
barmybritishbird Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! Not enough Essex girls at Hogwarts!

Viva we Essex girls!
ChAr10tT3 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
Edit: this was a pretty good try for my first piece with a graphics tablet :P
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